Healthcare Businesses Benefit from CMMS

October 3, 2016
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The healthcare industry is one that is almost always on top of technology and CMMS has a wealth of benefits that these facilities can take advantage of. By tracking maintenance, healthcare buildings can keep up with what is going on in the building and can better serve their patients by keeping everything in the condition that is expected.


Preventative Maintenance

For instance, hospitals and healthcare buildings tend to have multiple air conditioning and heating units. These units need proper preventive maintenance in order to keep running flawlessly and with less downtime in a place that needs the temperature controlled at all times. It is easy to set up when this preventive maintenance needs to be done. From changing a filter to cleaning the coils on a HVAC unit – everything is able to be implemented with the CMMS program so that it is done on time.


Asset Tracking

Large equipment is able to be kept up with as well. Along with being able to know the equipment's downtime history, repair history, and life expectancy – CMMS also allows you to upload notes on warranties and repairs, what is available, the age of the equipment, and if inventory is low. Physical assets are stored easily and all of the data that is needed on the assets is found with the touch of a button and access to a web browser that has an Internet connection.


Schedule It

Along with all of this, work orders and preventive maintenance are both easier than ever before. Simply designate when the work should be done and you can choose the time of day, the day of the week, the month, and so on. Once you do that, the employee will get the work order automatically and this is all without having to show up to the office to get paperwork. Instead, the mobile app alerts the employee of their work order or preventive maintenance task.


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CMMS is perfect for a variety of facilities and especially when it comes to the healthcare sector. It makes your life easier as a maintenance manager and the lives of your employees easier as well.


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