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May 13, 2014
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When running any type of facility, a lot of time can be spent simply checking into certain things like temperature readings. Whether it's the temperature of an indoor heated pool or hot tub at a hotel or the boiler temperature in a facility where cold weather is a factor, wouldn't it be easier to have a way of doing things remotely?



For instance, a guest complains to the front desk that the indoor heated pool is too cold for swimming. Traditionally you would have someone in maintenance check on the temperature which means someone has to physically go take a reading. This takes time and resources that can be better spent elsewhere.


Get Sensored

When you Get Sensored through Maintenance Care, you get automated plug and play sensors for a variety of uses and they help most anywhere. They can be submersed for water temperature readings, they take surface temperatures, and can give you readings on environmental temperature and ambient room humidity. This means basins, water pipes, and any room environment can be monitored and you don't even have to leave your desk area to check the readings.

More Usage

How this helps with resources is evident. Not only can you save time by not sending someone to take a reading but you'll only need someone to go in person when there is a valid issue. You can set reminders within your CMMS software, but this time, the sensors do all the work.  For example, if the lobby of a hotel near the beach or a laundry room in a hospital gets too humid sometimes, you can get exact readings and take care of the problem when needed. Or if you have a need to gauge water temperatures in pools or hot tubs you won't have to send a maintenance worker there unless there is an actual problem that needs looking into. Or let's say that you have a property manager that needs to know what the temperatures are after having guest complaints – you have a way to back up your readings in real time rather than simply stating that the temperature was taken by an employee. In fact, he or she can see it for themselves and you can export your data when needed.

The best thing about Getting Sensored with Maintenance Care is that you can do more right from your desk and save on valuable employee time and resources. Everything is at the touch of your mouse and you don't have to worry about losing paperwork.


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