Get Ready for Spring with a Computer Maintenance Management Program

May 13, 2015

Even though many areas are still experiencing winter weather, spring is right around the corner. March 20th officially starts the spring season although most areas in the north part of the country and Canada may beg to differ.



However, it is never too early to start preparing your property's outside area for the upcoming warmer months. If you have snow, obviously you will have to wait until it melts to do most of these projects:

Remove Debris

Debris accumulates over the winter and if you have leaves or other debris, make sure to start removal. Rake the leaves and clear up any areas of your grass that are matted or covered.



Fertilizer is important to your grassy areas as you already know and spring is the best time to use it. Also, this is the best time to start controlling crabgrass so apply any preventative measures before this weed can start to germinate when the ground temperature is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 degrees Celsius.



Along with fertilizer, aeration or core aeration is important to help your grass grow. Spring is the perfect time to aerate your lawn.



Snow mold happens in areas where the lawn has not had enough oxygen due to being covered by snowy conditions. It's best to remove your debris and rake before the snow falls but if this didn't happen, look for snow mold when the snow starts to melt so you can take care of the problem.



The lawn at your property isn't the only thing that needs help – make sure the plants, shrubs, and trees have a protective covering of mulch, which keep them warm and helps keep water available.


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Some of the above preparations are needed before the snow starts to fall but many can be done when it starts to melt in the spring and you're getting ready for that green, healthy spring grass. One thing that can help with your maintenance is to have a computer maintenance management program so that you can assign tasks to your employees and they won't be pushed aside or forgotten. This not only gives you a proactive approach to lawn care but it makes it easier to make your schedule for your employees and have tasks that are automatically set up in advance.


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