Five Ways to Be a Better Manager With CMMS

November 27, 2017
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There are plenty of things you can do to become a better manager. Here are just a few of the top ways to act and perform that makes your employees have a better work life which translates to you having a better time at work as well.



Spread Joy

That may sound lame or cheesy but a good manager drives fear away and spreads joy. This means a pleasant working environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect. There is teamwork, a good energy, and employees look forward to going to work instead of sending memes on social media about how Mondays suck. This is about having work that brings with it meaning every day. When employees feel they’re making a difference in the world through the work they do—whether they’re designing apps or laying down asphalt—it increases their motivation to perform.


Provide Purpose

Effective managers make it so their employees feel that they are needed and have purpose in the workplace. If your employees feel that they are truly making a difference, then you will see an increase in how well they are doing their job.


Foster a Learning Experience

Managers that truly want to make a difference and treat their employees the way that they want to be treated work at fostering a learning experience in the workplace. Make sure to take notice of your employees’ talents, provide ongoing mentoring and training, and align with the job’s main goal.


Build Trust

Trust is earned and in the workplace it is of the utmost importance. The best managers have employees that trust them and this includes clarifying expectations, practicing accountability, confronting reality, creating transparency, and listening first.


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Use Transparent Communication

The CEO of the Container Store crafted an organizational principle called Communication IS Leadership which is the “daily execution of practicing consistent, reliable, predictable, effective, thoughtful, compassionate, and yes, even courteous, communication.”


All of these things may be basic common sense, but rarely do people actually put them into practice. CMMS can help by providing your employees with scheduled tasks that have detailed instructions on what they need to do.  It provides ease of communication and saves everyone time. By making it a better workplace for your employees, you make it a better place to work for yourself as well as providing better service for your customers, if applicable. 

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