Find a Better Way To Manage Inventory With Asset Tracking Software

February 11, 2015
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One of the biggest ways you may be losing money is by having overstock and inventory that is not only no longer used, but sitting around and taking up valuable stockroom space. There has to be a better way to manage your inventory so that you can make room for new stock that is needed. 


One way is with Asset Tracking Software from Maintenance Care. With the asset list option, you can easily see exactly what you have at your facility and know what you're running low on as well.


Space Management 

Not only does this help your budget but you are able to clear space that is needed. For instance, your inventory may include something as simple as boxes of certain light bulbs that you no longer use at your facility. By having these in your asset list, you can remove the items and do with them what you need to do in order to make room for the bulbs you actually use. Some facilities donate unwanted items, which is perfect for a tax write-off or in some cases, you may be able to sell the inventory to someone else who needs them. Either way, you can typically count this inventory as a loss on your taxes and make room for other items if it is indeed a loss. If not, you at least recouped your money on these items that would have otherwise been sitting stagnant in a stockroom.


Asset Profile 

By using the asset list on your dashboard, everything is notated and you can add specific notes, the make, model, when it was bought, and more. This allows you to take control of your inventory and also showcases any cases of loss or theft. Certainly you might know if a large piece of equipment is missing but what about a case of toilet paper or bathroom fixtures? Those cost money as well and if enough goes missing, your company is losing money unnecessarily.


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Asset Tracking Software does more than just keep up with your inventory. You can also schedule work orders easily, take care of preventative maintenance with ease, run reports, and do everything via the dashboard and mobile apps. It's easier on you and your employees.


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