Effectively Managing Your Maintenance Team With CMMS

December 15, 2017
1 min

If there is one important factor in running a maintenance department, it’s knowing how to effectively manage your team of employees. Here are a few tips on how to do it better and how CMMS helps.




According to a book by author Daniel H. Pink, people aren’t primarily motivated by monetary rewards or praise, as economists have traditionally believed. Instead, they’re motivated by autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose in their work. In other words, to be effective, workers need to be independent, have the chance to improve their skills, and feel their job is worthwhile, By having a set way of doing things and something that is universal, employees feel that they are part of the bigger picture while still knowing that there is an open dialogue to a better way of doing it if the employee knows how.


Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps take care of issues before they become problems. Not only that but it allows you to find out how everything is working and what needs attention. When it is set up in a CMMS program, you do not have to take away from someone’s work tasks in order to get it done. Instead, it is set up so that when it is time to do it, the notification is sent out automatically to the worker. This means that there is less time spent on scheduling and no one has to be the one to say that they do not want to do it. Instead, it’s automatically in the queue.


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Be Open to Ideas

Just like using CMMS is an excellent idea, you should be open with employees if they have a better way of doing things. This doesn’t mean that you are not the one in charge and that your way isn’t best but sometimes people have good ideas that can make work a lot easier. Just think how it would be if your company CEO did not listen to the idea of implementing CMMS. It makes things easier but if the person in charge was not open to hearing about it, then the benefits would have been lost.



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