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August 19, 2015
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Back in the old days, if you rented a hotel or motel room you were given a key. A simple metal key is what kept guests safely inside and criminals outside.


As the years passed and technology advanced, other choices became available. Here are a few pros and cons of different key choices for the hospitality industry.


Traditional Metal Keys

Traditional metal keys have been around for many years. They have quite a few advantages but they also have their disadvantages.




  • Ease of Use: Not only are traditional keys easy to make but they are simple to use. You don't need to know software in order to make these keys and they're as simple as using a house key.

  • Cost: Traditional metal keys are the most cost efficient since they're cheap to make. If one is lost, you simply have another key cut.




  • Security: On average, traditional metal keys are not as secure as electronically coded key cards. You cannot keep a log of who goes in and out of the room and if one is lost, you can't re-key the door without replacing the entire lock.


Electronically Coded Key Cards


Electronically Coded Key Cards are newer but have been around a while. What was typically found only in high-end hospitality businesses are now found in just about every motel and hotel with the exception of a very few. Like traditional metal keys, electronically coded key cards also have advantages and disadvantages.




  • Security: On the opposite end of traditional metal keys, electronically coded key cards are much more secure. A log can be kept showing when the room was accessed and in some cases, who accessed the room. If a key card is lost, the room can be re-keyed easier, making it more secure from criminals.




  • Expense: Electronically coded key cards are more expensive simply because of the system that has to be initially purchased. While they are a much nicer and more secure alternative, for smaller businesses, they may be more cost prohibitive.

  • Training: The difference in these types of keys and traditional ones is that there is more training involved on how to use the software and make keys so not just anyone can do it.


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No matter which you choose, a CMMS system helps you stay in control of your equipment, preventative maintenance, and work tasks.


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