Duck, Duck, Goose – Combat The Problem With A CMMS Program

November 2, 2015
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For many businesses in Canada and parts of the United States, Canadian Geese are a real problem. Not only do these geese act aggressively towards humans, but they can drop up to two pounds of feces per day. 


The feces can get all over your walkways and actually become a dangerous slip and fall issue. Canadian Geese are a protected species, so the question is, "How do you make your property safe from these Canadian Geese and not break the law?"


In Boise, Idaho grounds keeping officials have been forced to deal with a large increase in the Canada geese populations annually and this is a huge problem at the university, Boise State.


“Canada geese add to annual university costs in the form of time and manpower spent cleaning up after droppings. There’s such a mess on the sidewalks and so they have asked us to keep them off of campus as much as possible,” according to Bill Metcalf, landscape manager for facilities operation and maintenance.


Here are a a few things that can help rid your area of these birds while still keeping them free from harm:


Flight Control Plus

Is a spray on solution that is EPA approved. It deters the geese from eating turf by making them think there is something wrong with their food. It's harmless but gives a visual that only the geese can see and can give them a slight, non-harmful stomach ache.  Using a CMMS program can help you schedule and monitor the issue.


Other Methods

Using different methods like lifelike coyote decoys, owl and hawk decoys in nesting sites, these can work to keep geese from wanting to be near a certain spot.  Addling eggs is an approach that is approved by some Fish and Game sectors where the eggs are treated with corn oil, which keeps the egg from hatching.  And some facilities allow off-leash dogs to roam the property although this is not an ideal situation for areas where the public frequents.


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No matter which type of preventative measures your facility takes, it is common knowledge that these beautiful birds do cause problems in outside areas.


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