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CMMS Maintenance Care Tips

    Create a Better Workplace With Mobile CMMS

    Posted by Susan Fowler on Wed, Jan 31, 2018 @ 03:00 PM

    Mobility is at the forefront of technology and an integral part of CMMS. The user-friendly interface works well with both smartphones and tablets. 



    There are so many ways that it helps create a better workplace and here are just a few of what to expect. 


    Real-Time Data

    One of the most useful features of mobile app is the real-time data that is available. By eliminating data entry on spreadsheets, having to report back to the office or maintenance shop to get work tasks, and having data that can be seen immediately, it makes a huge difference in how time is spent as well as decisions on the workday.

    If a manager is able to see that a task is being done, in real-time, they save time by not having to plan it, send someone to do it, and ask about the work. It also keeps the data intact in once place, since information degrades from the job completed to the point of entering it on a spreadsheet.


    Live Information

    Having access to live information is integral when a workplace is busy and to be honest, when isn’t it? By cutting down on research, you are saving precious time that can be spent elsewhere. For instance, there is a piece of equipment that was worked on two weeks ago. Instead of having to research who did what and when, you access the information through the mobile app and have everything you need, no matter where you are.


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    Data Entry Made Easier

    Technology is being made better all of the time. With access to features like voice activation, QR codes, and sensors – you have the ability to perform data entry tasks or access data entry easily and faster.


    Mobile CMMS is only getting better with more features and benefits that help your facility run smoothly and efficiently.

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