Common Excuses for Not Upgrading to CMMS and the Rebuttals

December 29, 2017
1 min

When it comes to upgrading to CMMS, there are plenty of excuses but with every excuse, there is a rebuttal that makes even more sense. Here are some of the common excuses and the reasons why these excuses are not valid.


No Money

Often, upgrading concerns are due to money and that’s perfectly valid, but consider the fact that a program such as this can save you money and time and you’ll see why it is important to make the switch. The long-term savings are what make all the difference.


If It’s Not Broke…

Sure, what you have may be working for you but is it really the best system for your needs? Even though spreadsheets are acceptable it is not the most efficient way of doing things and it certainly can’t do everything that a CMMS program can do, like predict equipment failure or set up automatic preventative maintenance.


I Can’t Convince My Boss

We realize that getting upper management on-board can sometimes be a hassle. However, showing the ROI and showcasing how much CMMS can do will make a difference. Especially when it comes to running reports and predicting problems with equipment – things that management loves.


It Will Be Too Hard To Train Staff

Actually, training is easy and we ensure that everyone knows how to use the system. Your staff will pick it up easily and you’ll see the difference in how well it works for you – much better than your old way of doing things.


I Don’t Like Change

Many people don’t like changing the way they do things, but if the change makes your life easier then it is smart to make those changes. Sometimes doing things the same old way may be comfortable, but it’s not necessarily the most efficient or the best way of doing things.


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What About My Data?

We make the transition easy and without you having to worry that it will be lost. Also, we customize things so that your CMMS works for your needs instead of a cookie cutter type of system.


There are plenty of excuses not to change to CMMS but there are just as many reasons to go ahead and make the switch today to a Maintenance Care system.

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