CMMS Will Improve Your Effectiveness As A Maintenance Supervisor

November 6, 2015
1 min

As a Maintenance Supervisor, you know that there is a lot that you're responsible for and that reliability is of the utmost importance. Here are a few things that can help improve reliability as a Maintenance Supervisor.


Be Supportive

You simply cannot have a team that respects you and does their best work if you are not supportive of them. In fact, not having the proper respect and admiration for your employees can easily cause discontent and a careless attitude. You most likely were the one to hire your employees and you had a reason to want them on your team – act like you care and you'll see a difference in their work.


Have the Right Tools and Education

Simply telling a worker what to do is pointless if that employee does not know exactly what to do or has subpar tools. Make sure that each worker knows the protocol for whatever it is that they are doing, have the proper training, and have the right tools for the job – whether it is their own tools or tools that they use in the maintenance department.


Make Your Schedule Work

Scheduling is so important when it comes to running a maintenance department and with a CMMS program, you will always know when tasks are to be done, you can schedule them in advance, and you will have everything right at your fingertips no matter where you are as long as you have access to a web browser.


Use Failures to Your Benefit

Too often people look at a failure as simply that – a fail. However, it is imperative to learn from your mistakes so to speak. If something did not work out, find out why and work on fixing the issue so the mistake is not repeated.


Get Organized

Just like with scheduling, a CMMS program allows you to get organized, which is so very important to running a successful maintenance department. It allows you to create work orders, schedule preventative maintenance, run reports, keep up with assets, and more.


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These tips are just a start of what to do to increase reliability and will vary from each maintenance department but each one has a benefit to your own facility.


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