CMMS Will Help Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

September 21, 2016
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It's no secret that part of having a productive crew is having happy employees. If you value your employees then most of the time, they will reward you back by doing a good job and there are a few ways to ensure that your employees remain happy and productive at the same time.


Environment is Important

Some employees don't seem to care about the environment they work in but rest assured that most do. Make sure that the HVAC filters are clean so that your workers have good air to breathe and if possible, keep the temperature at a pleasant number as well. While some facilities are going to run hot or cold no matter what, if they don't have to work in a facility that is too extreme one way or the other, why make them?



Make sure the facility is as clean as possible and that there are no safety hazards. You wouldn't expect to live in a dirty house and your employees should not have to work in one.


Greenery and Sunlight

And don't think that things like live plants and sunlight aren't important either. If your employees are stuck in a facility for most of the day and only go outside during breaks or lunch, a little bit of the outside really makes a difference, whether they tell you it does or not.


Choices are Important

People like to know that they have choices when it comes to just about anything and work is no different. For instance, if you have a break room, make sure it is stocked with snacks and drinks or bottled water. Yes, the employee can certainly bring their own lunch to work or leave the facility in most cases, but having a choice makes a lot of difference in a happy employee and one who is not so happy.

The same thing goes for those who have office or desk space. While most facilities may not have a cube farm, those employees who do have a desk should be allowed to personalize their area within reason.


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The point is to keep your employees as happy as possible while still maintaining a sense of professionalism in the workplace. Your employees will also be happier with the ease of getting immediate work tasks and not falling behind on preventative maintenance which is all possible with CMMS.

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