CMMS Tracks The Work So You Can Acknowledge A Job Well Done

April 15, 2016
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At your maintenance department, whether you have a large business with hundreds of employees or a small one with just a few, it is a losing battle if your employees do not care about doing things the right way. If only employees cared as much as you do about your business, you wouldn't have a problem at all, but how do you make that change?


For example, you run the maintenance department at a business that caters to hotel guests. Sure, you can tell your employees to make sure the air conditioning filters are changed every month and you can even schedule it to be done with a CMMS program. However, some employees will never go above and beyond their given duties unless you get them to care about the place as much as you do – especially if you are the business owner.


No One is Less Important

At your maintenance department, there are managers and there are workers. However, it takes every single person to run a facility to the best of its capability and no one person is more important than the other. Make sure that your employees know that without them, the business cannot run efficiently. From the janitor at the White House to a receptionist at the largest maintenance department in the world, each job is equally important to making the entire place run.


Milestones Have Meaning 

Many successful businesses have a way of letting their employees know when something great has happened. For instance, have you ever seen a movie where there is a bell that is rang when a sale has been made? This happens for a reason; it inspires the other employees and makes them want to work harder to be the person that has that bell go off. In a maintenance department, a bell is hardly the right tool to use but having some form of acknowledgment for a job well done is motivation for your employees. You may have a little shout-out when you've had a guest praise the facility or someone who has gone out of their way or even at a production facility you might use that same type of bell when production is under the time crunch. The point is to showcase those goals that are met and employees will feel the positivity.


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These are just a couple of ways that making a difference at your maintenance department can get your employees to treat the place just as if it were their own.


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