CMMS Software: 7 Things To Look For In Emergency Notification Systems

December 29, 2014
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If you run a maintenance department, it is important to keep up with emergencies that can arise. Whether it's a weather emergency, natural disaster, public safety, or any type of catastrophe, it is important to stay aware of what is going on so you can plan your business accordingly.



There are many emergency notification systems on the market and each have their benefits and disadvantages.  Here are a few things to look for in making a purchase of this type of system:


1) Type of Alert

The best systems allow you to be alerted and your employees to be alerted through mass communication including SMS text messaging, email, and by phone. With employees who may be working away from the facility, it is imperative to be able to reach each one and have a variety of ways to do it.

2) Hosting

Is the system fully hosted or does it have hardware you have to purchase in addition to the service?

3) Interactive Response

What this means is that notifications can be replied to. For instance, a worker is out in the field and can reply to the notification with their location status or update management on their status and whether they are safe.

4) IPAWS Compatibility

IPAWS is the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System and without having compatibility with this system, your business may be missing out on important alerts.

5) Reporting Abilities

Make sure you have the ability to run reports such as the delivery status of your alerts.

6) Customer Support

Know that you have 24/7 customer support because emergencies don't always happen during traditional business hours.

7) Social Media

By being able to use social media to send alerts, many people may see the alerts that wouldn't have otherwise. How many times have you found out about a disaster or newsworthy item on social media, long before it was reported elsewhere? This is exactly why social media is important to your emergency notification system.


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No matter what type of system you get, if you have enough employees to warrant this investment, it is important to add. Let's say a hurricane warning has been implemented or even a snow storm warning. This system will allow you to prepare for it and with a proper CMMS Software you can also plan for work orders in preparation of the impending disaster.


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