Implement Simple Maintenance Facility Energy Saving Tips With CMMS

September 30, 2015
1 min

All businesses want to conserve energy in order to save money and maintenance facilities are no different. Sometimes it is the little things that when combined, make a world of difference.



Here are a few simple maintenance facility energy saving tips that you can do easily. 

Unnecessary Energy Wasters

There are quite a few things that waste energy such as empty rooms with the lights left on, machinery left on when no one is using it, and while these are little things, multiply that by your entire staff and you have a substantial waste of energy. Make sure people turn out the lights when they leave an unoccupied room and turn off things that aren't used when the office is closed such as photocopiers, computers (if possible), and coffee machines. Not everything can be shut down, but those items that can be, should be and you will see a big savings in energy and costs.


Windows and Doors

Make sure all windows and doors are secure and that doors shut tightly after going in and out. Blinds or drapes are great for keeping out that hot summer sun and they will also make things easier on your central air unit.


Preventative Maintenance

Make sure that preventative maintenance on air conditioners and heating units is done on a regular basis. For instance, keep the filters clean and changed out when necessary to prevent unnecessary use on your HVAC unit. Preventative maintenance is also important for all of your energy efficiency needs – not just for HVAC units, doors, and windows.


Thermostat Control

Make sure that your thermostats are set at a comfortable level and that they are controlled by very few people. It is not energy efficient to have people turning the thermostat up and down all day and it should be set at an energy efficient level during times when no one is in the facility.


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These little things add up into significant savings throughout the year and a CMMS program can help you implement these tasks, especially the preventative maintenance. Any piece of machinery that is consuming more power than usual should be looked at to see if it needs repair and the best way of finding that out is with regular preventative maintenance.


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