CMMS: Should You Consider Background Checks on Potential Employees?

July 22, 2015
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No matter what type of facility you run, it is important to have reliable employees. According to an employee background investigations firm, approximately 10% of all job candidates have some type of criminal past.


Screen Employees

Now we all know that not every criminal past means that a potential employee will cause damage to your business but it is important to be in the know when it comes to who you're hiring.  Many facilities already do background checks, especially those in the hospitality industry, educational maintenance facilities, and those dealing in the healthcare industry. However, even those facilities that deal with expensive equipment may choose to do a background check for valid reasons as well.


There are quite a few reasons why a background check is a good idea, regardless of the maintenance facility you run:

  • It may deter applicants who have bad intentions or those who are dishonest

  • It decreases the threat of theft and embezzlement

  • It creates a more honest workplace

  • It makes guests or co-workers feel more safe and secure

  • It helps decrease the rate of turnover


Check References

The simple fact is that background checks make good sense. The criminal activity, or lack thereof, of an employee gives you total transparency on who you decide to hire and ensures that there aren't any surprises later. Certainly you can't know everything about an employee or even what they may do in the future but knowing any past criminal activity at least allows you to make an informed decision on who you decide to hire – or not to hire.


Take Charge

Another way to keep up with everything that is going on in your maintenance facility is with CMMS, which is a Computerized Maintenance Management Software program. This allows you to schedule work orders, set up preventative maintenance, and even keep up with your assets.


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Between having all of the information you need on your employees and then being able to keep up with running your facility with CMMS, you have a head start on making sure that you are keeping your facility operations smooth.


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