CMMS Saves Time and These Ideas Save Energy

October 2, 2017
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Saving energy in your building is important for a lot of reasons. For one thing, your bills will be cheaper and secondly, your building with be more green and have a smaller footprint. As important as saving energy is, not everyone knows how to get started so here are a few ideas that will help you save energy and they’re simple to do.


Digital Daylight Controls

If you have an area with natural light, you can take advantage of that by using digital daylight controls that automatically adjust the lighting to accommodate natural light and use less energy. Photo sensors, dimmers, and more work to save energy by up to 40%.


Wall Switch Dimmers

Speaking of dimmers, these are an excellent tool for saving energy because they work in two ways – extending the life of your bulbs as well as saving energy. A good rule of thumb is to start at around 50% light and then adjust as needed. You’ll be surprised at how well this works to help save money and energy consumption.


Occupancy Sensors

Room and area occupancy sensors work to switch off the lighting if no one is using it. These are perfect for rooms that are not used all day long. For instance, bathrooms, conference rooms, and storage rooms are ideal places to place occupancy sensors and you can start out small with just a few and work your way into putting more out if you need more.


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Plug Load Controls

This is similar to an occupancy sensor power strip, but it is more advanced and most customization friendly. What it does it eliminate energy draw throughout the building where it isn’t needed. Here is an explanation of one such product, the Legrand’s Wireless Receptacle Control.

It works to leverage lighting control sensors for improved return on investment (ROI). Plug load controls provide an estimated 10% energy savings and meet new energy codes that require that 50% of all 15 & 20A, 125V receptacles be controlled automatically in areas such as private offices, open offices, modular partitions, and computer classrooms.”


No matter which ones you invest in or if you think of something on your own, CMMS works to save time and money and these products work to make your facility more energy friendly.

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