A CMMS Program Can Help Address Employee Needs

September 7, 2016
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As a maintenance manager, the attitude of your employees is just as important as how well your equipment runs or how good of a budget you have to work with. Without employee engagement, you might as well do all of the work yourself.

badboss.jpgHowever, as you know – it can be difficult to keep your employees productive and engaged at times.

A survey was conducted by Bain & Company and it addressed workers and their engagement levels. Surprisingly, it showed that those levels were quite low and this was especially true for those employees who are either long-time employees or those who have a more stressful job on the front lines.


Why Is This?

The survey showed that there are a few reasons for this which include:

  • Some supervisors do not have the training to deal with employee concerns properly and will instead, send the employee to Human Resources to deal with it.
  • Workers tend to feel that their concerns are not addressed properly and this leads to feelings of disenchantment.
  • Conversations and dialogue between employees and supervisors are not open enough and tends to suffer due to a lack of proper communication.

In a focus group, Bain & Company asked supervisors what their workers’ top concerns were, and only 25% of the supervisors were able to correctly identify them. Most of the supervisors said that lack of pay was a big concern, but many of the workers said what they really wanted was more training and more frequent appreciation for a job well done.”

It is a known fact that those employees who feel a rapport with their supervisors and feel confident in their training will have more engagement in their jobs. Make sure that you address concerns of your employees and provide constructive feedback. Another suggestion to keep in mind is to address conflicts and provide guidance and support.


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Using a CMMS program will help your employees follow a more structure work flow which is easy to use from any computer or mobile device. This is also a great tool for keeping detailed instructions for those jobs that are more complicated, making it easier for staff to proceed with confidence.

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