CMMS Makes Moving Easier

July 17, 2017
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Let’s face it, everyone hates to move. While you may be moving into a brand new office with all of the amenities, it is still a huge pain to pack everything up and move it. One thing that makes moving your maintence funtions easier is CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software).

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Sure, you will still have to movie furniture or the larger things but what if you didn’t have a ton of paperwork to have to move?


With CMMS, all of your work orders, preventative maintenance, and even your manuals and equipment information is at the touch of a button. The system keeps everything on a dashboard where you can access it from anywhere you please. In fact, instead of having to unload all of the paperwork (not to mention packing it in the first place), you can simply pull up everything you need with an internet connection. You can even access it on the go or from your home freeing up time that would have been spent looking for things in a mountain of paperwork.


CMMS even keeps the equipment information that is crucial to your job. Instead of trying to find a manual or warranty information while you are trying to relocate, you can find it easily in your cabinet with Maintenance Care.


It also keeps you preforming optimally after the relocation. Moving can put you behind on work. With a goo CMMS you can simply pull up outstanding work orders and your team can go about their business without missing a beat. All of the data you had at the old facility travels with you to your new place of business.


And just in case you are moving some of that valuable equipment, you have all of the information you need in the asset tracking area of your dashboard. All you need to do is update the new location and you are good to go.


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CMMS makes your work life easier and when you are making a move in your department, it helps make that easier as well.

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