CMMS Helps You Organize Inventory

October 16, 2017
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Inventory can quickly become unorganized and hard to get a handle on. Whether it’s spare parts, returned items, damaged items, or parts without a home – getting organized is important to staying on top of your inventory. Here are a few ways to keep up with spare parts through CMMS.




There is an old saying, “Keep it simple, stupid” and it certainly applies when it comes to your inventory. Label parts by just the facts needed to simplify the organizational process (name, location...). There is no need to complicate things by adding in a lot of numbers and codes that bog down trying to find something.


Consistency is Key

Keep everything labeled on a consistent basis and try not to deviate from that. Marking things differently from others that are similar only creates confusion and complications esoecially with spreadsheet or asset mangement systems.


Use the 5S Plan

There is a process called 5S which stands for Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. This is a simple process that ensures that your spare parts are maintained in working order and ready for use when you need it.


Keep Data Accurate

When entering data on where all of your spare parts are located, make sure that the date is correctly entered so that it does not cause confusion in the future. Your data management is only as good as the procedures you have for input so double check and make sure that it is done in the way you have prescribed.


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CMMS Helps Organize Spare Parts

CMMS is a helpful tool in keeping up with all of your spare parts and making sure that inventory is logged consistently and accurately.


Once you have followed these guidelines, you can rest assured that your spare parts will be more organized and easier to find. When time is money, you want to know where everything is without having to search so make sure that you follow these tips to make it easier.

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