CMMS Helps Manage Your Maintenance Staff

November 4, 2016
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When it comes to managing employees, there are certain aspects that are difficult. While no one thing fixes every issue, there are ways that CMMS helps manage your maintenance staff.


Here are a few ways that Computerized Maintenance Management Software makes your job a lot less difficult:


CMMS Saves Time and Money

Time management is one issue that rears its ugly head time and time again. By being able to schedule work tasks in advance, save staff from having to come back to the office each time they need a task. Setting up preventative maintenance – time is much easier to handle. This saves money as well because smaller problems do not turn into bigger ones when they are handled quickly and efficiently.


Accountability Issues

Few things are worse than having a problem and not knowing what happened or who did or did not do the work. With CMMS, work orders are automatically sent to the employee and you know when the task is completed. There are places for all of the information you need to input such as area, date, work to be completed, additional notes and most importantly, there is information on who did the work. This saves you additional time on finding out when the work was done and who did it. Or in some cases, that the work wasn't done at all. It keeps everyone accountable for their job and no one gets blamed for something they had no part of.


Break Time

One thing that is important to your staff, and pretty much everyone else you know, is appropriate break times. By using a maintenance management software, you can easily set up specific times for tasks and work can be spread out so that your staff gets the downtime that they need without if affecting your work flow.


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