CMMS Gives You The Tools to Maximize Retrofitting

February 10, 2017
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We've talked in the past how LED lighting saves money and that hasn't changed. It may be a good time to revisit making the change by giving you some tools to maximize your value in case you haven't taken the plunge yet or are still trying to decide what is right for your facility.



Figure Out Your Needs Vs. Issues Making the Change

Making the change to LED does save money but you need to define your parameters on what may affect your everyday work. For instance, installation during the middle of summer may not be the best idea if you are going to have to close certain areas such as a swimming pool or common area. Fixtures that are very high up may require an aerial lift or make working in that area hard to do for a certain length of time.


Cost To Upgrade

Is your lighting already fairly new or has an area just been remodeled? While it makes sense to make the upgrade to LED lighting, keep in mind that it may not be cost effective to have to change an area that has recently been remodeled or one that has fairly new lights installed.  Keep in mind that some areas may need customization that will cost above what the retrofitting costs. 


Design Needs

Know your design needs as well. According to GSA:

GSA recommends doing a mockup for all retrofit projects, especially if the replacement lamps will use the existing sockets. “For one-to-one replacements, compare light distribution to determine if the light levels will be comparable when switching from an omni-directional (fluorescent) to a directional (LED) light source,” GSA suggests. “Use the mock-up to assess the complexity of re-wiring for a retrofit lighting system.”


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These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when making the switch. However, changing to LED can save hundreds of dollars or more annually and for large companies – thousands of dollars. It's an excellent idea to switch, just have all of your research done and make sure you know what is involved and when is the best time to do it, let the CMMS Software at Maintenance Care help. 

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