CMMS Can Help With The Great Window Debate Of Replacing or Restoring

April 3, 2017
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Replacing out of date windows can really net a significant savings when it comes to energy efficiency but some maintenance managers are not sure if the initial cost or higher investment is worth it. replacement-windows-min.jpg

According to Kerry Haglund, Research Fellow for the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota: 

In fact, the report estimates that 39% of commercial heating energy use and 28% of commercial cooling energy use – 34% of all commercial space conditioning energy use – are attributable to windows (excluding infiltration).”


Upgrade Old vs Replacing

The best way to ensure that your investment is a wise one is to look at the variables in cost vs savings and if there is a way to upgrade your existing windows with glazing options. Building use, local climate, utility rates, and building orientation should be taken into consideration when making a decision.  No matter what you decide, upgrade or replace, ensure that you are tracking the project with a CMMS program from Maintenance Care.


Choose The Right Type Of Window

High performance windows have a lot of benefits that are essential to saving money. These benefits include things like less air leakage, lower heat loss, warmer surfaces that lessen condensation, double- or triple-glazed insulated glass, improved frames and specialized coatings and films, these high-performance windows are effective at reducing heat transfer.


Everything To Factor In 

Here are a few things to take into consideration when making your final decision according to the National Institute of Building Science’s Whole Building Design Guide.

Heat gains and losses
■ Visual requirements (privacy, glare, view)
■ Shading and sun control
■ Thermal comfort
■ Condensation control
■ Ultraviolet control
■ Acoustic control
■ Color effects
■ Day lighting
■ Energy requirements


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No matter what you ultimately decide, a little research into your needs along with the building's dynamics goes a long way in making an informed decision and when that decision becomes a reality, use a CMMS program to track.

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