CMMS Can Help With Employee Retention

March 21, 2018
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It’s natural for most of us to assume certain things , but we all know what they say about those that "assume". Being a better facility manager means, to stop assuming and clear up a few misconceptions you may have about your workers.

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Here are a few to know more about.

Money is the Incentive

While we all know that people work in order to earn a paycheck, that is not the only reason your employees are loyal or do their job well. Many managers believe that the pay is the only motivator and that is not true in many cases. In fact, some of the reasons include personal fulfillment, helping others, and accomplishing personal goals. This even holds true when it comes to workplace environment – where employees must have quality surroundings to influence things like length they will remain on the job, absenteeism, and morale.


The Company is Secondary

A common misconception is that employees do not care about the company they work for, but this is also not the norm. A worker who is trusting and proud of their company has better morale at work and will work harder. A paycheck is an incentive and one of the biggest ones, but helping the company succeed, feeling valued, and having advancement and leadership goals are a main component of employee satisfaction.


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The Boss is the Problem

In a world that has changed to where people are more mobile when it comes to jobs means sometimes people will leave just out of boredom or wanting something different. Employees have to be engaged in what they are doing and it is not always the fault of the boss or supervisor. However, it is important to be hands-on, just not overtly so. Micromanaging isn’t good, but sitting in an office with no interaction isn’t either. According to National Business Research, “Failure to provide command and control at the job leaves employees feeling stranded and unproductive. Every employee satisfaction survey will tell company leaders that little or no feedback will leave workers with that under-appreciated feeling.”


CMMS will help with employee retention by giving them structure in their day to day duties. Also by maintaining your facility properly, this makes the work environment more comfortable and enjoyable. There are plenty of misconceptions about how your employees feel about their job. Sometimes all it takes is asking and being more active in your workers’ needs.

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