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July 22, 2016
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In Australia, Dubbo College Delroy Campus is in so much need of repair that they are asking for government help. These maintenance issues are not only serious and costly, but could cause harm to students and faculty. While Australia may be across the globe, when it comes to maintenance, we're all in the same boat. 


According to Opposition Leader Luke Foley,

"We have school students in NSW sitting with leaky roofs, leaky gutters, busted toilets, broken windows." 

Along with these issues, examples of work needed at Delroy Campus include, its sewage system, floor coverings, ceilings, roofs and stormwater, this according to Labor.


Keep It Regular

Now, we have no idea if the Land Down Under has access to CMMS, but if they had, they would haveat least been able to work out some of the imperative issues and get some of the work done on a regular basis with more efficiency and production.


Keep Decision Makers Informed

With CMMS, at the very least the little things could have been done – those that do not cost a lot to do. Sure, they may not have fixed the roof since that takes a lot of money, but leaky gutters may have been something that could have been fixed or busted toilets. The point is that with CMMS, you have less maintenance backlogs and an easier way of keeping up with all of the work. Plus, better reports could have been ran so that the "decision-makers" could see exactly what needs to be done, what has been done and when it was done last.  CMMS may not fix a college that has millions of dollars in backlogged maintenance work, but it certainly would have helped them foresee and plan for the upcoming issues.


Accessible Anywhere

CMMS allows you to schedule work tasks, preventative maintenance, and keep up with your equipment investments. You can also run precise reports and you can do this from anywhere that you have an internet connection since the software is accessed remotely. It's convenient and it ensures that your maintenance department is being run with precision, care, and attention to detail.


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The college in Australia has a long road ahead of it to fix things properly and your case may not be similar but CMMS helps make things a whole lot easier on everyone – even employees.

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