CMMS Can Help a Maintenance Manager Acquire the Right Hiring Skills

May 12, 2017
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With a new year just ahead, many times people look for a new job or career and if you are in need of new staff, here is some helpful advice that may help you find the perfect team.


The Interview and the Hiring Process

Interviews are important and often times they are hurried through due to other obligations or in some cases, being bored with having to talk to many people about the same job. However, this part is important to get the best possible employees. Know what you have in mind as an ideal employee instead of just picking someone who is qualified. Sure, many people put on their best persona for an interview – and who wouldn't? But look deeper into things like references, previous employment (if allowed), social media (if allowed), and pay special attention to their attitude and demeanor.


After a New Hire

After you have made the choice of hiring a new person, there are other things to focus on such as personal performance appraisals, work audits, customer surveys, and more. Know how your customers feel about the employees and what can be changed. This doesn't mean that one customer says they do not like a specific person and you let that person go. But if every customer states the same concern about an employee, you may want to address that and see what the underlying issue is. Personal and performance appraisals allow you to help your employee be at their best and always make sure that you open yourself up to being able to talk to your employees so that they feel like they can share what might be the issue. Don't have a closed door policy at your facility.


Be Part of the Solution

There are many ways of being part of the solution. Are you a friendly and approachable manager? Leading by example is another thing that sets you apart from the rest and makes the employees feel like working harder because who wants to please someone who doesn't feel pride in their own work? Communication is key and having a balance between fair discipline and being a stern on the job site.


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This is just a comprehensive list of how you can be a better manager but it is a start on hiring and keeping the best help there is, utilizing a CMMS program will maximize the ability of your potential hires.


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