CMMS And What You Should Know About Facility Assessments

January 18, 2017
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 If you haven't had a facility assessment done lately, it is something you really need in order to plan your preventative maintenance schedule. All you have to do to get started is pick your systems that you plan to have evaluated.

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Create An Assessment Checklist

An example of this would be  NO2 and CO sensors, plumbing system, security, mechanical ventilation, or your HVAC system – it is whatever is critical to the maintenance and the safety and well-being of everyone that is in that building. It is a good idea to plan ahead by gauging the scope of the assessment and having help with someone overseeing the job. The results that you get should then be used to develop your plan for the future in your facility.



Create A Realistic Timeline To Complete

There are a few questions you should ask after the assessment is done, just so you have the right information to create the plan mentioned earlier. This will make it easier to decide what takes priority, what needs to be put on a preventative maintenance schedule (you should have one in place already but there may be some things you need to add), and what needs to be focused on in the future.

  •  What can be changed to make things more energy efficient and are the systems energy efficient at all?
  • What is the age of the system in question and what was the installation date? This is something you may have in your paperwork but if not, find out.
  • What is the condition of the system? Are there worn areas that may need replacement or special attention?
  • Is everything up to code and meets all regulations?
  • When is a good time to expect to replace a system that is nearing the end of its life cycle?
  • If the facility is planning on expansion, can the current system handle that kind of increase?
  • Where are the user manuals and training manuals on the system? Are they easily accessible?
  • Is everything operating how it should according to the manufacturer specifications?


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These are a few of the integral questions that should be gone over after any building facility assessment is completed and you probably have a few of your own. CMMS can help you handle all of the preventative maintenance and work tasks for your facility and it makes it easier to get done. 


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