CMMS and the Best Practices for Facilities Maintenance

June 8, 2017
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Someone looking from the outside might believe that facilities maintenance is just keeping AC filters changed and plunging a toilet but as a maintenance department manager, you know that is the furthest thing from the truth. Here are the best practices for facilities maintenance and how CMMS helps.


Prevention vs Reaction

Being proactive means to follow a few key practices. For instance, instead of waiting to hear what is possibly wrong, you look for potential problems beforehand. If there has been bad weather, look at the workplace to see if there was any damage. Look at possible issues that may come up instead of waiting for them to happen and always have a good preventative maintenance plan in place.


Performance Standards

Make sure that good performance standards are in place. Check out helpful regulatory sites to base your standards on such as safety standards, OSHA, the Better Business Bureau and equivalent sites that are in your area.


Keep Your Focus on the Numbers

Some people look at the numbers and only take into account the dollar amount but there is more to it than that. Look at performance vs cost equation but also keep in mind the value of the work you are getting. Sometimes the lower contractor (for jobs contracted not in-house) is not the best because you want to get the best quality of work and sometimes that costs more.


Safety Matters

An accident at your job site can be very expensive and potentially cause greater issues such as fines or medical payouts. Make sure that your staff is performing work that is safe and per regulation so that not only is everyone more safe but you also protect yourself against lawsuits or fines.


Provide Quality

Ensure that your employees know that the focus is on quality work and that everyone adheres to the guidelines that you set forth in the maintenance department.


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Make sure that your maintenance department follows these guidelines and the rest will fall into place.


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