CMMS And Keeping Those New Year’s Maintenance Resolutions

January 10, 2018
1 min

Most people make New Year’s resolutions before a new year approaches. While not everyone keeps them (losing weight, stop smoking, etc), this doesn’t mean that you cannot make resolutions for your maintenance department and keep them by utilizing a CMMS program from Maintenance Care.


Here are a few resolutions that will not only make it easier to run your facility but are ones more easily followed with a CMMS system:


Better Inventory

Make sure to do an audit of what you have on-hand, what is needed, and what you have in excess. However, that’s not the place to stop – while you are getting your inventory in order, why not get other information you need like make, model, serial number, date the item was purchased, and more? You can easily enter this under asset tracking and it even helps with life expectancy of equipment when you enter the data plus repair history or downtime.


Asset Tracking

Which brings us to asset tracking and management. By keeping up with the data on your assets, you have better control of your investment and can have a better idea of when the item is best to be replaced instead of spending money on another repair. This helps save money in the long run and also better predict downtime and equipment failure.


Provide More Training

One of the most useful aspects of this type of system, is the ability to upload to the Maintenance Care Space Center. You can choose to upload any file types including videos, schematics, MSDS forms, or training documents and with a minimum of 500MB of free space (more can be purchased), you have all of your training documents where they are easily accessed by your employees.


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Take More Photos

Taking photos may be something you do in your personal life, but can be helpful to take photos when it pertains to your facility. You can take photos of equipment, before and after pictures for insurance purposes after a disaster, etc. When you have an incident that needs documentation in the form of a picture, utilize the iMcare App to snap a shot of the incident. Using the intuitive step by step workflow within the app, you can easily upload the picture directly into the Space Center and have it attached directly to the task. You can also utilize the iMCare app's ability to upload images for capturing or scanning invoices or estimates from vendors may be needed to keep for future reference.


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