CMMS and Healthcare Standards

December 14, 2016
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Every place with a maintenance department needs the work done properly. When it comes to any type of facility – lives can depend on it. That is why CMMS makes good sense.


Whether it's a hospital, clinic, or anything dealing with the health of others, CMMS can help you make it easier and more efficient.


Compliance and Routine Maintenance

For instance, almost everything maintenance workers do affects compliance, and routine maintenance such as cleaning, inspecting, and properly storing equipment can mean the difference between life and death for patients.

Even things such as equipment failure and tasks that are overlooked can cause a problem with the flow of the available care for patients. This makes it harder on the facility, its staff, and puts unecessary strain on equipment that is used for backup.


Risk Management

When it comes to any facility, maintenance managers cannot simply rely on using word of mouth or note taking to handle maintenance requests or work orders. If something gets lost in translation, forgotten, or misplaced there can be lives at risk and it's simply not worth it when the entire job can be made easier with facitilty management software, which allows work tasks to be scheduled automatically and done remotely with no miscommunication. 

"Even with SOPs for every piece of equipment, it’s hard to enforce them without maintenance management software. If they’re kept in a spreadsheet or binder, there’s often no practical way for workers to access them when they need to; it isn’t practical for everyone to run back to the maintenance office to double-check procedures and make sure they’ve got everything right. Working off memory leads to mistakes and overlooked steps, while using a paper-based system proves cumbersome to organize and refer back to.”

If you do not have CMMS already, you need to get it as soon as possible to make work easier and possibly save lives.


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CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management Software is just one of the tools that can help your facility remain compliant with standards set and it helps lower the central costs.

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