CMMS Allows For The Correct Security At Your Facility

April 28, 2017
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Biometrics are biological markers such as iris and fingerprint scanners that serve as a unique identifier.  It is simply a way of making sure everything is safe and security isn't breached.


Security Level Should Reflect Risk vs Accessibility

Your facility may not need something as complex and secure as biometrics but for those that do, it is a sure way of securing the building that is much more efficient than key cards, tailgating, regular keys, key pads, or ID swapping.

“A biometric ID can also serve as a master credential. Consider that an average employee may be issued a key, a photo badge, a PIN code, and a smart card. A single occupant could have up to four methods to gain access, not including guards at any checkpoint.”


Long Term Savings Versus Cost

While a biometrics system will have a larger initial investment, the long-term savings outweigh the costs. For instance: 

  • Require a token that is expressly difficult to duplicate
  • Use identification that cannot be forgotten by the carrier
  • Eliminate manual badge checks
  • Remove the possibility that a credential can be passed to another person
  • Add a secondary level of identification
  • Reduce costs associated with keys and cards
  • Limit access to a select group of occupants or areas within your building
  • Minimize your security risk profile
  • Enhance corporate accountability


Embrace New Technology 

According to Sean Ahrens, Global Practice Leader for Security Consulting and Design Services with Aon Global Risk Consulting:

“Biometrics provide an opportunity to standardize a credential methodology that spans multiple access systems. You also need to decide if your biometric system will verify or identify enrollees. A one-to-many match means that a presented credential will be compared to all of the other templates on file, essentially identifying the individual and giving them access according to the permissions associated with their profile. A one-to-one match will simply verify that the presented credential is confirmed for entry.”


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No matter what you ultimately decide, make sure that your facility is secure and safe from outside risks, using a CMMS Program from Maintenance Care allows you track important daily security checks, ensure that scheduled maintenace is completed and action issues before they become a potential security risk.

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