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    Understanding the Different CMMS Plans Available

    Posted by Susan Fowler on Wed, Mar 28, 2018 @ 03:00 PM

    If you have made the decision to incorporate CMMS from Maintenance Care into your workflow, there are a few plans to choose from and here is a little more about each one so that you can make the decision that is right for your company.



    Free Version

    Nothing is better than free, right? Well, there are two other plans that give you more but perhaps you want to try out the software before you commit. In that case, the free edition gives you options such as:

    • Instant access
    • User guide support
    • Basic reporting
    • An online work order page
    • A basic task list manager
    • A single user and single facility platform


    Work Order Edition

    This particular plan has unlimited users plus more benefits than the free version. You get everything that is included with the free version and the following:

    • Advanced work order features
    • Included customer support
    • Reporting
    • Multi-facility available
    • Task assignment
    • Mobile app
    • Task duration
    • Advanced work order page
    • Advanced task list manager
    • Document management
    • Vendor and contractor assignment


    Enterprise Edition

    This plan is the best you can get and ideal for larger companies, but you will need to get a quote on the price. With this plan you get everything that comes with the Work Order Edition plus the following:

    • Preventative maintenance scheduling
    • Asset management tracking
    • Cost of repair tracking
    • Advanced reporting and dashboards
    • Custom forms you can fill
    • Asset bar code scanning
    • Warranty tracking
    • Capital planning
    • Life expectancy
    • Project management
    • Preventative maintenance library
    • All future upgrades


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    For obvious reasons, the Enterprise Edition is the cream of the crop, the top of the line, and has all of the features possible. However, for some smaller facilities, one of the other editions may suffice. The point is, you have the option to try out the free edition to get a feel for how the program works and can then choose between the two other options for what fits your needs best.

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