Maintenance Tracking Software for Local Schools

October 3, 2013
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Update: Here's what school maintenance means in 2021. 

A lot of taxpayer money goes into building and maintaining the facilities of your local schools.  When you combine elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, it represents a lot of facilities that need attention and in order to make certain they are properly maintained an effective maintenance tracking software should be used.  This type of software will be able to decrease downtime of equipment, reduce maintenance issues as well as track work orders placed by teachers, administrative staff and more. 


Reduce Equipment Downtime

A high school maintenance department will be responsible for maintaining everything from lawn equipment to sprinkler systems, cafeteria appliances and more.  Maintenance software can provide a way to effectively schedule maintenance.  Scheduling maintenance will reduce the amount of downtime on equipment as parts can be pre-ordered or the necessary equipment can be made available when needed.  It is also flexible enough to add new equipment as well as change schedules to different times of the school year to make it fully customizable.


Supervise Work Orders

Properly maintaining grade school facilities will require addressing a variety of work orders.  Designating priority of work orders to be handled and assigning who will do the work is important.  Maintenance software will enable an efficient way for the department to receive work orders, manage their conclusion while keeping a digital 'paper-trail' of the workflow, helping to keep everyone accountable for a job well done.


Decrease Maintenance Costs

One of the most important aspects of maintaining local school facilities is performing regular maintenance.  Preventative maintenance can be designed to meet any specific needs and performing the regular scheduled maintenance will make equipment last longer and reduce the need for replacements.  The single most expensive expenditure of a maintenance department is the replacement of equipment, so investing in its life expectancy will surely pay dividends in costs savings for years to come.


Mobile Apps Benefits

During a school day many things occur very quickly.  In order to respond to maintenance needs, it’s essential to have mobility.  A mobile app will permit managers of school maintenance to instantly know what projects are being worked on, which ones will soon need attention and anything new that needs to be addressed.  Syncing the information directly to your maintenance software will allow your team to maintaing flexibility during the day and still capture all of the information that you need to track for proper reporting and analysis.


Asset Details

At any school abiding by a budget is very important.  Maintenance software can make tracking expenditures for such things as equipment purchases, paint, lawn care products and more very easy.  It also makes staying within a budget alot easier.  Pre-planning purchases by determining life expectancy of your existing equipment will allow you to negotiate better deals for equipment purchasing by having a longer purchase cycles.  In the end, your building assets will be tracked to a level where you can make more informed decisions as to replacements or repairs.  

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