Are You Still Using Paper? The Future of CMMS is Calling You

August 23, 2017
1 min

Whether you do things the old fashioned way with spreadsheets and logbooks, or you have some form of CMMS program installed, there are ways that you can bring your maintenance department into the future and make things easier on you and your staff.



Utilize the Cloud

By using the cloud, you have the ability to take advantage of accessing your data from anywhere you choose. This remote way of doing business gives you more freedom and you are not tethered to your desk all of the time like with traditional software. It also allows you to have automatic updates as well, so everything is kept current without you having to do a thing. Keeping in mind there is also no hardware to install or maintain.

Get Mobile

Mobile apps make it easier on everyone for a number of reasons. For one thing, your staff has instant notification of a task that needs to be done. It streamlines your tasks and allows you to be able to create, track, and close work orders, check out parts, get asset and equipment information, and ensure your staff members’ time is accounted for and work is credited to them. Everything is in real time and your employees do not have to spend time in front of a computer, or rely on hand-written work orders, which are sometimes hard to read or misplaced.

More Than Just Work Orders

With CMMS from Maintenance Care, there are more benefits other than just work orders. You have the ability to set up preventative maintenance tasks, keep up with inventory, and even track your equipment performance and have an idea of the lifespan of the equipment. This is imperative when trying to decide when to replace a piece of equipment instead of paying for another repair. It also helps you predict downtime and keep a head’s up on how it may affect your workload.


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If you are still using paper and struggling to prepare big reports montly or quarterly, it is probably time for you to consider investing in a CMMS program and give yourself a break.


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