Are You Afraid To Take The Plunge Into CMMS Software?

April 14, 2014
2 min

If you have been considering adding a CMMS software program to your current facility, then taking the plunge and investing in this, or any new software program, may seem overwhelming. While it is a big commitment, there are many facility managers that let certain obstacles stand in their way when it comes to committing to a new CMMS program. 

Here are some of the mental obstacles that many let get in their way when it comes to making the jump to CMMS software programs, and some reassuring facts that will help make the transition easier for even the most hesitant of managers.



“The cost is too much...”

Cost is one of the biggest and most common concerns people have when it comes to investing in any new software program. With the right CMMS program, most users quickly discover that these systems, including the necessary hardware, more than pay for themselves. This is because in addition to helping manage budgets and find places to cut costs, our CMMS program is very affordable as well. We have a free edition for those who are just looking to get their feet wet with a new facility maintenance program and the basic program, which starts at just $65 per facility. For those looking for the full fledged Enterprise versions of the software, we offer custom quotes on packages, so you won’t be overpaying for a system that is beyond what you need. 


I’m not able to use the technology...”

New technology can seem overwhelming to any working professional, especially if you are already used to a certain system or way of doing things. Fortunately, our CMMS software programs are extremely user friendly and designed with ease of use in mind. We also offer a collection of different online resources and training manuals that will help users during their acclamation process, to become more comfortable with their CMMS program. As part of our packages we also have user guide support features, designed to help any person become comfortable and confident with their new system.


“I’m already too stressed, I don’t need another project to take on.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could magically take care of all of the facility maintenance issues that give you headaches, before they happen? It may seem like a fantasy, but the truth of the matter is that with the right CMMS software program, you can actually prevent some of those big facility maintenance headaches before they ever start. While it may seem like taking on another project is a burden that you simply can’t bear, one of the biggest benefits of a facility maintenance software program is the preventative maintenance aspect of the software. 


Instead of having to worry about the software itself being another headache, this program can actually help predict and take care of issues within your facility before they happen. 

Now those headaches that you take on as your facility’s manager can magically disappear as you enjoy updates, warnings, automatic checkups and more that help prevent issues before they even start.

While turning to a completely new CMMS software system for your facility may feel like you are taking the plunge into the unknown, with a little push in the right directionyou can start enjoying the benefits of an easy to use, budget friendly system that can help your facility operate in the best manner possible.

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