Advantages of the CMMS Mobile Ability

October 5, 2016
1 min

Go anywhere now and you'll find it hard to locate someone without a cellphone in their hands. While some people think that this causes us to be less social, that's actually far from the truth.


What about using it to make life easier for your maintenance department? Here are a few reasons that the mobile CMMS is a great advantage to have.


Less Paperwork and Going Green

With the mobile ability of CMMS, employees are given their work tasks immediately. Everything can be scheduled from any place you have an Internet connection and all of this means less paperwork that can get lost and less paperwork that clogs up the environment. Keep in mind that less paperwork also means that you have fewer things on your desk, can pull up notes and information immediately, and don't have to worry about deciphering someone's handwriting when you're in a hurry.


Saves Time

By using the mobile app, time is saved tremendously. Not only can you schedule work orders and preventive maintenance tasks on the go, you can rest assured that the employee gets the job done because when it is time to be worked on, the work order or preventive maintenance is sent out immediately. No one has to come back to the office to get a paper work order and once the job is done, management does not have to wait until they get the paperwork back to look at notes or mark the job as complete.


Be In the Know

When it comes to having access to real-time information, you can't go wrong with the CMMS mobile app. It allows you and your workers to get information no matter where they are at. Whether it's in the field or at another area of the building, all they have to do is access the CMMS and pull up documents or paperwork that is needed. We all know that time is money and saving time will definitely make your job easier while saving money at the same time.


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Whether you want to go paperless or just make life easier at your maintenance facility, the CMMS mobile app is the way to do it seamlessly.

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