A New Year Means A Fresh Start And CMMS Can Help

January 8, 2016
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It seems that with each new year brings new resolutions no matter who you are. As a Maintenance Department Manager, you may even have your own resolutions that include a few of the following:


  • Being More Organized.

  • Getting More Things Done.

  • Getting Along Better with Employees.


These are just a few of the resolutions you may have but while each one may seem simple to accomplish, there are ways of helping yourself out so that you can be more successful. For instance, Computerized Maintenance Management Software helps you become more organized.


Everyone Needs A List

With the Maintenance Lists portion, everything is accessible at a moment's notice. Keeping things easily accessible allows you to manage all of your tasks without having to search around for lost items. Quickly access all of your information in one convenient, well displayed list. Perform a variety of steps including quick sorting, column layout preferences, easy filtering or right clicking shortcuts.


Easy Requestor Access

You also have easy request forms. Give access for submitting maintenance requests easily through a customized web form. Enable your maintenance team to receive facility-wide requests directly from others who discover potential issues. Allow users to submit requests using regular desktop computers or alternatively using mobile tablets, kiosks or any web-enabled device.


Mobile Ability

Both are just two of the many things you can do with a CMMS program. In fact, there are so many helpful ways of keeping those resolutions. You can also do everything at a moment's notice. Our mobile app allows your team to manage their entire day without having to work from a desktop computer. Mobility keeps them connected to the important issues at all times. The cloud nature of the mobile app allows for automatic syncing with other devices or desktop users giving everyone a chance to communicate easily and without interruption. This means no more having employees run back and forth to the shop to pick up and order and you know immediately when something has been done by just accessing the work order.


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Not only is note keeping easier, but with all of the better organizational skills you'll have, you'll find that your entire job is much more pleasant and easy to do.


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