A Few Reasons to Invest in CMMS That Aren't the Norm

November 21, 2016
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There are plenty of sound reasons why you should make the move to a CMMS program. We also have a few that are a little unconventional and not the traditional reason you might make the switch.

beach working.jpgBalance in Work and Personal Time

One of the main features of CMMS is that you can access it from anywhere – even at home or on vacation. As long as you have a browser and Internet connection, you're all set. This gives you more freedom and less headache. Imaging not having to go all the way to work to run a report or schedule a work task. Your employees can also get more freedom since they can easily complete more tasks without having to wait.



By using CMMS across various locations, you can ensure that every work task is done the same way and the right way. Preventative maintenance is also standardized and every location will know that it is done on time, every time.



There is nothing like a little healthy competition amongst facilities in the same company. Using one platform allows managers to have contests and reward those shops who completed more tasks in a shorter amount of time or those who have consistently done the job right. This allows you to work on the parameters and to fine tune anything that is necessary.


Work Autonomy

By allowing employees the control over their work duties, it gives them a sense of pride, makes them feel like the company cares about them, and builds trust. This also allows the employee to find out what works best for them while still maintaining company standards. This also allows them to provide management feedback that is transparent and helpful to the company.



By using one platform for your facility needs, you can easily standardize training throughout the company. This shortens the training time as well as the ability to streamline daily schedules and alleviate some of the time spent traveling to and from the shop.


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