A CMMS Program Plans Maintenance Tasks and Helps Keep Residents Safe

March 23, 2016
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With cold weather throughout most of North America, using a little common sence when keeping warm, will also keep you safe. If you run a maintenance department for any place that has regular residents, it is imperative to not only keep your heating equipment well-maintained, but educate guests on being safe too.


Good Tips

There are tips from the Fire Department that your residents should be aware of:

  • Don’t overload electrical outlets.

  • Avoid using to many extension cords. They are intended for temporary use only.

  • Have fireplaces, chimney’s and wood burning inserts inspected by licensed technician
    to insure proper installation, adequate clearance and to insure that chimney’s are free of
    debris and creosote buildup.

  • Never leave fireplaces, space heaters and candles unattended.

  • Kerosene heaters should be refueled outdoors. Only use fuel recommended by the heater
    manufacturer. Make sure rooms are properly ventilated.

  • Never use kitchen stoves as a source of heat.

  • Do not use portable generator in the home, garage, carport, sheds or partially enclosed
    spaces. Place generators outside only.

  • Carbon monoxide is consider a silent killer, and is often present when equipment is
    improperly vented.

  • Always maintain a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm in your place of

  • Keep portable space heaters at least three (3) feet away from combustible materials.

Many of these tips seem to apply to homeowners but most are relevant to anyone who rents a place of residence.


Other Concerns

Now when it comes to your own maintenance during cold weather, there are plenty of areas that need special attention.  Water heaters should be maintained by checking the pressure valve, flushing the tank, and checking for faulty water supply connections. Every six months is the optimum time period to perform these tasks.  Your building's HVAC unit should also have routine maintenance and this should definitely be done before severe weather hits.


The Reminder

What is great about a CMMS program from Maintenance Care is that you schedule these tasks in advance (yes, even six months or more in advance) and when the time comes to perform the task, it automatically is scheduled so that your employees get the work order. No more forgetting about it or waiting till it's too late.


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Keep your residents safe by educating them on safe procedures and keep your equipment running efficiently by performing scheduled maintenance which is made easier with CMMS.

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