A CMMS Program Can Help Keep a Roof Safe

February 20, 2017
2 min

Let's face it, every building has a roof and roofs are one of the places that cause a number of accidents, whether on the actual roof or even on the ground.



Here are some tips on keeping accidents to a minimum when it comes to the roof at the property you manage as part of the facility:



While some buildings have interior stairs that lead to the roof, others do not and must depend on a ladder to access the roof. If that is the situation with your building, you must make sure that the ladder is secure when being used. Workers must have the ladder either tied to the building or secure enough that it is not unstable.



Make sure that workers are extra careful around skylights. These are an asset to any building but they do present a work hazard and can be easily broken if stepped onto. Enough weight and the person has fallen through in no time flat.


Loose Debris

Whether it is due to the weather or simply a build-up over time, there are many things that can cause a worker to trip and fall off of the roof. For instance, all branches, power cords, tools, and construction materials should be cleaned up and kept to a minimum to prevent accidents.


Heat Exhaustion

Even a cool roof is not a cool area for workers due to the reflected heat. Keep in mind that in the summer when the sun is hot, the work is extra exhausting but even in the winter the reflected heat still makes for a tiresome project so make sure workers take breaks and are well-hydrated.


Exterior Egress

Beyond ladders, staff should exercise situation awareness when accessing the roof via hatches, elevators, penthouse doors, scaffolding, or power equipment such as scissor lifts and aerial work platforms.


Parapet Walls

Buildings that have no barrier on the roof ledge pose an immediate risk and others may have walls that are too short to prevent someone from tumbling over.


Electrical Obstacles

Depending on where the roof is located, it may be exposed to power lines, solar panels, conduit, and HVAC equipment. Your employees need to be fully aware of what is around them at all times and be vigilant.


Slips and Falls

Roofs can very extremely slippery depending on the weather conditions as well as their pitch. While your workers may not be working during a snowstorm or during the rain, the roof may still retain moisture and even those that are flat are slippery if they have gravel on top.


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These are only a few of the things to look out for and inform your workers or any workers that are going to be working on the roof and using a CMMS system will help in ensuring that the work environment is kept safe.

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