5 Reasons Your Facility Needs CMMS

May 5, 2014
1 min

There are quite a few reasons why a manufacturing plant can benefit from CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) and here are just five reasons that are important.



1) Quality Suffers Due to Machine Malfunctions

Without regular maintenance the quality of your deliver may suffer tremendously. With machine malfunctions, your staff is stuck waiting for parts or for repairs and this leads to more downtime. By using CMMS, you don't have to worry that a part or machine has missed its maintenance that is scheduled or that it wasn't even scheduled in the first place.

2) Lack of Regular Maintenance to Important Machinery

The same applies to regular maintenance. Without it, your expensive machinery can start to wear down or break and this leads to facility downtime. With CMMS, everything is scheduled from one location and is tasked out so this is not a concern, nor is the maintenance item missed due to lost paperwork or a lack of communication.

3) Equipment Downtime Results in Higher Costs

Everyone knows that if you have equipment downtime that this cuts into your profit. By waiting on equipment to be repaired or maintained expectantly, your profit suffers and so does your product.


4) Non-Compliance Regulatory Penalties 

Some facilities are under certain guidelines where maintenance has to be done on a strict basis. If this is not carried out properly, the company can be charged with heavy fines and even face being shut down until the proper maintenance is done. For instance, if you have a public swimming pool then you know that water and chemical checks are important to keep your pool open. If this is not done then you can be closed until it is taken care of, no matter how inconvenient for your guests.

5) Lack of On-Time Delivery Due to Machinery Malfunctions

By having your machines not working properly, you may experience a delay in your delivery which also cuts into your profit and your company reliability. By having everything set up in maintenance facility software, you never have to worry that someone will miss a task that has to be done.

While any of these things can happen at any given time, with maintenance facility software, you can rest assured that your team is on top of everything. Each item that needs to be done is fully integrated into the software so it is scheduled when and assigned as needed on a regular basis.

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