3 Ways CMMS Leads To Water Savings

April 3, 2015
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Whether you run a maintenance department for a large hospitality business, healthcare industry, or any place where there are a lot of plumbing fixtures – there are steps your facility can take to ensure that your company is saving the most possible when it comes to water usage.  One of the first things that can be done to save on water usage is to change out your existing fixtures.  



This includes toilets and other fixtures that may be old, leaking, or simply not cost effective.

1) Toilets

There is a variety of newer toilets that save on water usage such as low flush toilets, dual flush toilets, and waterless urinals. For instance, low flush toilets may use less than half of the water of an older version. An older toiler typically runs around three to five gallons of water each time it flushes but with a low flush version you can expect under two gallons per flush – typically around 1.28 or so to 1.6 or so. With a dual flush you are saving water by separating liquid and solid waste each time the toilet is flushed and with waterless urinals, you are saving quite a bit of water but these do require a lot more maintenance from your workers or at the very least, more specific maintenance duties.

2) Faucets

One of the ways to save water by replacing faucets is by choosing electronic faucets that only run when the sensor is triggered. These cost more at the onset but can save quite a bit of water since they turn off automatically. Aerators also help but do have their drawbacks such as taking longer for the water to turn warm/hot.

3) Shower Heads

Low flow shower heads are another option in maintenance facilities that maintain rooms, apartments, condominiums, healthcare facilities, hotels, and motels.


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All of these ideas help with water efficiency but do require an upfront investment. Over the long term, these solutions will save quite a bit of money – you simply have to come up with the investment to start and make sure that your maintenance team has the time and skill to do the replacements and maintenance. With a CMMS system, you can schedule this maintenance easier and ensure that everything is taken care of without having to do it all manually. This ensures that the preventative maintenance as well as the work orders are taken care of.


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