3 Tips To Organize Your Maintenance Department Using CMMS

February 5, 2016
1 min

You may feel like you would need to be a super hero to clean up and organization your maintenance department, but it doesn't have to be that hard. There are quite a few tips out there to help with that, but here are 3 that will get you on the right track.



Organize Your Surroundings

Paperwork and clutter collect over the year and cleaning up some of the mess is a good idea. File your paperwork, have the maintenance shop cleaned out, clean up the storage area, and just give everything an overall straightening. One way a CMMS helps with this particular part of your new year's "clean up", is that you can create less paperwork by using the work order creation, preventative maintenance, and reports section. Simply do everything within the application and have less clutter in your office.


Become More Mobile

Saving time by using a mobile device, or any device with an internet connection, is a great option these days.  CMMS from Maintenance Care helps you manage everything from scheduling maintenance tasks to monitoring your entire department on the go. Not only can you submit work orders and monitor preventative maintenance with the software, you can receive new alerts, close jobs, recieve emails when jobs are updated and so much more.  Gone are the days of being stuck in an office to get things done.  It saves time and money.


Schedule It

With the preventative maintenance portion of the CMMS program, you will stay more organized.  Simply input your specific dates that your preventative maintenance needs to be completed and the software will automatically send out the task on the dates you specified. For instance, you want the air conditioning filters changed monthly throughout the summer. Simply set it up to take place at the first of the month through the months you choose and on those dates, your workers will receive that job task to complete. It's easy and works efficiently so that those preventative maintenance tasks don't get pushed aside.


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Bring on the organizing...with a CMMS program from Maintenance Care, you are going to be a smooth running machine in no time, making your job easier than ever.  Cheers to that!

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