Work Order Software Will Help Keep a Clean Environment

January 30, 2015
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If you're the maintenance department manager in the hospitality industry then you know that both safety and cleanliness is important. There are many ways of keeping your property clean and safe but one way that you can do both is by using a power washer and  Work Order Software can help.


Here are a few ways that power washing areas on your property can create and environment that is not only safe for customers and employees but one that looks aesthetically pleasing as well:


Gutters are much easier to clean with a power washer because they are easier to reach and the power behind this tool makes the debris come out much easier that with traditional cleaning.


Windows can be cleaned much easier although you do want to make sure that the settings aren't too strong for more fragile glass. However, most windows should be strong enough to handle a low pressure and you can get to the spots not easily reached.

Sidewalks and Walls

Walls and sidewalks get dirty with algae and dirt over time. Algae is not only slippery and unsafe but it looks bad too. A pressure washer can clear up algae buildup in no time at all and is much easier to use than having to scrub the area or wash it with a broom and soap.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are another area that gets grime, dirt, and oil stains. These look unsightly no matter how great the rest of your property looks.

These are just a sample of all you can do with a power washer, which you can rent easily or buy to have on hand. There are even attachments that help with things like drying areas (air blower attachment) or removing built up water or snow with a muck scupper attachment. The point is to utilize everything that you have at your disposal in order to make your property look its best. Management will appreciate it and it will make the rest of your job easier by giving you a head start on looks and safety when it comes to the property you maintain.


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One way to ensure that everyone knows when these tasks need to be done is by using Maintenance Facility Software which allows you to schedule tasks in advance and even set up preventative maintenance tasks. This makes it easier for you to stay on top of things so the little tasks that need to be done doesn't turn into a much larger project.

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