Work Order Software Helps Prepare Your Property for the Holidays

December 16, 2015
1 min

The holidays are fast approaching and if your commercial property decorates and beautifies during the holiday season, there are a few things to address so that your facility is the most prepared and most beautiful. While we realize that not every building decorates for the holidays, here are some tips for those that specifically address this holiday season at their facility.



Light It Up

Nothing says holidays at a property like gorgeous lighting. Whether it's elegant while lights or festive multi-colored lights, making sure they are hung correctly is important to the overall look. Make sure each strand is uniform and straight and don't forget to light up shrubs, entry ways, sidewalks, and signs. Even if you don't want to address a specific type of celebration, white lights can go either way and always look classy.


Decorative Plants

While the snowier areas may not be able to plant live plants during the holiday season, you can definitely set out holiday plants like live poinsettias or holly. These can be placed in entry ways, on sidewalks, inside, or outside and looks especially striking against white snow or even green grass for those in warmer climates.


Speaking of Plants

Winter is a good time to replace those plants that have died off or do not look attractive. While you may not be able to plant and especially not in snowy weather, you can edit what you do have by trimming, removing, or replacing those that take away from the beautification of your property.


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Even if your facility does not decorate for the holidays, you will still find the template useful for all of your regular needs throughout the year.  Work Order Software helps you prepare your commercial property by allowing you to set up the work tasks and then implement them from anywhere you choose. The employee doesn't even have to be in the building to get their tasks since it is sent via our mobile app. 


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