The Top Building Automation System Mistakes You Don't Want to Make (And How CMMS Avoids Them!)

March 25, 2019
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Want the energy efficiency and easiness of a building automation system? Of course you do. That's a lot of time and money freed up for very little effort. Just watch you aren't making any of these common mistakes, or you might find those savings turning into expenses.

CMMS can help in building automation

Not Knowing Your Expectations

Before you even install a building automation system you should know exactly what to expect and what your needs are. For instance, you need to have in mind things like what kind of energy you expect to save and the performance level, what kind of software and hardware is needed, if you'd rather have it be more ergonomic or more aesthetic to your needs, and what kind of mechanical systems and climate control you need.  Knowing the features of your CMMS can help you get set up.

Not Understanding Your Building Zones

You should be aware of how different areas of your building require different heating and cooling. For instance, if you have a break room that isn't used from 6 PM until 8 PM, adjust the temperature accordingly (warmer in the summer and cooler during the winter) and make sure the lights are turned off or turned down.

Not Performing Required Maintenance

A maintenance schedule is of the utmost importance with a building automation system because the calibration can drift over time. Also, the system's switches and values may experience failure, which can see your system will losing its energy savings. You can easily set up a maintenance schedule with a Computerized Maintenance Management Software program.

Need to know more about CMMS and preventative maintenance?

Running in Fail-Safe Mode

Fail-Safe mode happens when communication from the server to the system gets interrupted or lost. All you have to do is reactivate that information — but sometimes this is forgotten. Keeping the system in fail-safe mode wastes any energy you might have saved. There go your energy savings.

Time to learn more about CMMS and how it can help you save money? Check out this useful reference guide we've produced anytime!

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