Using Asset Management Software To Get The Most Out Of Your Investment

June 22, 2015
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If you have already invested in a CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) program, then you know how much it helps you with your day to day operations of your maintenance facility. There is one area that can help you out even more but you have to set it up properly in order to get its full benefits – the asset manager.


Asset Management software is just as important as your preventative maintenance area or task scheduling area. This is because that the asset list allows you to keep up with a variety of asset data such as:

  • Date the asset was acquired

  • Cost of the asset

  • Make of the asset

  • Model of the asset

  • Year of the asset

  • Category and name of the asset, and more


Life Expectancy

This also allows you to utilize predictive maintenance, life expectancy of the asset, and budget your capital planning.  

For Instance, let's say you have a piece of machinery that has needed a lot of repairs lately. Your supervisor needs to know information on the item so that it can be planned out whether or not you need new equipment or if it is more cost efficient to simply repair the item again. The asset manager allows you to pull up the data immediately – when it was bought, how much has been spent on repairs, etc. so that a good decision can be made on what to do to move forward.


Repair Dates

Keep in mind that you should input this data into the asset manager part of the CMMS as soon as your acquire the item and notate all repairs, including the cost of the repair and the dates the repairs were done. This way, you have the information at your fingertips and can access it any time you need it.


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In fact, the repair history part of the asset manager even has a forecast section that helps you, or whoever takes care of the budget, with planning your future spending and decisions on replacement or repairs.  Asset management helps in a multitude of ways and you can take advantage of this section in your CMMS through Maintenance Care.


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