Use Work Order Software To Avoid These 3 Maintenance Traps

January 25, 2016
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Everyone knows that a maintenance department cannot run at its best without preventative maintenance or proactive maintenance. However, there are a few “traps” that can hinder your facility's performance.


Here are a few case scenarios and how to avoid them.


Simply Using the Owner's Manual

An owner's manual for your equipment is a necessity. With that said, in many cases it makes sense to not simply follow the owner's manual because each job is different. For instance, you have an owner's manual for a generator. Yes, the common instructions are uniform for every business but there are always differences in each job that you may have to implement. You wouldn't necessarily use a generator (or store it, maintain it, etc) for a resort in Colorado that gets blizzards the same way you would for a hotel in Florida that gets hurricanes. There are always special circumstances to keep in mind and those that are specific to your maintenance department.


Doing More or Over Kill?

Sure, it's important to do the most you can to be proactive but more is not always better. You have to look at a few things to make sure that your preventative maintenance is not only effective but also cost efficient. For example, look at what it takes out of your budget to perform the preventative maintenance, equipment downtime costs, and repair costs. You would not change out an air conditioning filter more than needed just to be proactive because it simply doesn't need doing more than, simply put, what it needs. Doing so wastes time and money and doesn't make good sense.


Over Thinking Things

While your maintenance planner may look thorough by adding extensive procedures, sometimes it is best to keep it simple. Include all that needs to be done, but there is no reason why you need a 100 page book on how to clean a swimming pool or how to lubricate machinery. Not only will your employees start to skip over things, they may skip over something that is integral to the work and that becomes counteractive.


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Another way to help streamline your preventative maintenance is with Work Order Software from Maintenance Care. A CMMS helps you keep up with all of your preventative and proactive maintenance, it's easy to use and it makes your job easier as well.

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