Stay On Top Of Guest Complaints With A Work Order Template

March 11, 2016
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Guest, visitor, or resident complaints are an issue no matter what kind of facility you run. From condominiums and hotels to healthcare buildings and even parks and recreation, how you handle these complaints will determine how successful your facility is.


Bad News Travels Fast

There is a common misconception that if there have been no complaints lately that things are running perfectly and nothing could be further from the truth. Now obviously, not having complaints on a regular basis is a good thing but it's not productive to become self-satisfied because the average person who complains will tell friends and family and that becomes an issue on how your facility (or property) is perceived by others.


Positive Side of Complaints

Getting complaints is actually something that helps the facility. Without hearing what is wrong or perceived to be wrong, you cannot fix it. No one likes to hear objections but these are productive in fixing issues that you would not otherwise know about.


Work Order Software

A maintenance work order template from Maintenance Care allows you to address these issues by scheduling your workers to take care of the problem. It makes much better sense to go ahead and schedule the repair or fix for the issue rather than writing it down somewhere and forgetting it. By using the work order template, you don't have to worry that the work is being done or that it gets looked over – instead, it just takes a couple of minutes of your time and you're set.


Be Proactive

We all know that guests sometimes complain over the smallest of issues, but some complaints are definitely warranted and that is where you can be proactive and make sure that future similar problems are nipped in the bud. Without these complaints, you won't know what is wrong or what can be improved on.


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Instead of getting frustrated that you have guest concerns, make that part of the solution by embracing these complaints and getting them fixed and out of the way. Maintenance Care makes your life easier when it comes to guest complaints – plus, a whole lot more.

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