Safer Parking Lots is Easier With a Maintenance Work Order Template

October 21, 2014

If you're the maintenance facility manager and want to create a safer environment in the public parking area, speed bumps may be the answer. While some people find speed bumps annoying, they actually cut down on speeding and when it comes to a busy parking lot, this is a safety measure that can help prevent accidents.




Speed Bumps

There are many alternatives when it comes to speed bumps. There are rubber speed bumpers and those made out of asphalt. Many people nowadays like to choose the speed humps made out of recycled rubber because not only are these better for the environment but they are easier to change out or move instead of traditional asphalt speed bumps which are much more permanent.  Another advantage to a pre-made rubber hump is that it takes less manpower to install or to create. If you have an asphalt speed bump shipped, which is possible, the weight can make the shipping costs quite expensive.


There is also an aesthetic and functional difference between a speed bump and a speed hump. The speed bump is higher than a speed hump and more of a permanent solution whereas the speed hump is lower and can be moved around more easily. Both help to slow down traffic of course but a speed hump can be moved around as needed. If you have a parking lot where there is a lot of winter conditions such as snow and ice then you'll probably want the more permanent asphalt speed bump since the humps should be removed during any snow removal situations where it can be damaged by snow clearing equipment.


Good Preventive Measures 

Another consideration is if you want the traffic simply slowed and not impeded or you want cars to have to stop temporarily. A speed hump allows traffic to move along, just at a slower pace while a speed bump is something that will cause a vehicle to have to almost stop in order to prevent damage to their vehicle.


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No matter which type of speed preventative measure you choose, a maintenance work order template allows you to choose the employees you want on the job during installation or regular maintenance of the speed bump or speed hump. You have an easier way to assigning all work orders and there is no confusion on who needs to do what and when. Speed bumps and speed humps make it safer in your parking lot and Maintenance Facility Software makes it easier to do your job.


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